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TOPCOM is an annual international conference organized by the Emergency and Trauma Department of Hospital Selayang, in collaboration with multiple other agencies and organizations. The pre-conference lanes will start on the first 2 days (1-2 July) and will cover a wide range of topics, including critical care, prehospital care and trauma, wilderness medicine, CBRNE, tactical medicine, ultrasound and many more. A special ‘Meet the Experts’ session has been added to this year’s conference (3-6 July) where participants may interact with our highly esteemed international speakers on topics regarding current issues on emergency medicine and disaster management.

The tabletop exercise will be held for 6 days (1-6 July 2019). The tabletop exercise is a focused, comprehensive and beneficial guide that has been increasingly adopted and successfully incorporated by the various agencies of the international community. The purpose of this exercise is to facilitate constructive discussions and analysis of various emergency situations that are commonly faced – in an informal stress free environment. A scenario is described to the exercise participants, who would then decide what actions they would take. Often, the scenario is designed to change over time, with the facilitator providing updated information or changing conditions as the exercise progresses.

The conference will challenge the thinking of more than 400 participants nationwide from all areas of healthcare and emergency management. The conference will include over 6 lanes with renowned international and local speakers as well as a range of interactive and innovative sessions designed to maximize the learning opportunities for participants



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